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How to Get Started with Tree-Sitter
model prompt
The latest version of Emacs, version 29, includes tree-sitter support, a
powerful parsing library that enhances its understanding of source code. This
integration provides features like precise syntax highlighting, accurate
indentation, and easier extensibility. However, getting everything to work
properly is a bit more involved than just compiling Emacs with tree-sitter
support. This guide provides instructions on how to install and configure Emacs
with tree-sitter support, including building Emacs with tree-sitter support,
installing language grammars, and using pre-compiled language grammars. Despite
the high activation cost of getting tree-sitter up and running, it is worth it
for the benefits it provides.

The Halting Problem Is Decidable on a Set of Asymptotic Probability One (2006)
model prompt
In this 2006 paper, Joel David Hamkins and Alexei Miasnikov present a solution
to the Halting Problem, a famous problem in computer science that asks whether a
given program will eventually halt or run forever. The authors prove that the
Halting Problem is decidable on a set of asymptotic probability one, meaning
that for almost all programs, it is possible to determine whether they will halt
or not. This result has important implications for the field of algorithmic
randomness and the limits of computability.

Rust: The wrong people are resigning
model prompt
The author discusses recent drama within the Rust community, including the
resignation of the mod team, concerns over a trademark draft, and the recent
controversy surrounding the keynote speaker at RustConf. They note that while
there may be some individuals who are causing issues, it is not a matter of them
being "bad people," but rather a lack of resources, process, or communication.
The author calls for better communication and transparency within the Rust
project, and expresses disappointment in those who have fueled controversy for
personal gain. They intend to continue their work in Rust education and
criticism, using only publicly available information.

io_uring support for libuv – 8x increase in throughput
model prompt

Google Cloud Workstations managed development environment is now GA
model prompt
Google Cloud has announced the general availability of its Cloud Workstations
managed development environment, which aims to address the varied needs of
enterprise technology teams. The solution allows developers to access powerful,
secure and customisable development environments from anywhere, using a browser,
local IDE or terminal, with support for many popular tools and libraries.
Administrators and platform teams can easily provision, scale, manage and secure
development environments for their development teams, helping automate everyday
tasks and enabling greater efficiency and security. The solution also enables
faster developer onboarding, increased productivity and collaboration with pre-
configured environments, and consistent development environments customised to
teams' needs.

Bcrypt at 25: A Retrospective on Password Security
model prompt
The article reflects on the evolution of password security over the past 25
years, highlighting the importance of strong password hashing algorithms like
bcrypt, scrypt, and Argon2. The author discusses the challenges faced by the
industry in adopting new security technologies and the persistent threat of
password stuffing attacks. The article also explores the role of human factors
in security and the scarcity of skilled security professionals. The author
proposes an unconventional approach to address the talent shortage by creating
cybersecurity-themed EDM tracks to raise awareness and interest in the field.
The article concludes with the hope that in the future, security talent will no
longer be scarce, and data will be secure and private.

YouTube removed dislike counts, so this guy made Rotten Tomatoes for YouTube
model prompt
YouTube's decision to make dislike counts private has sparked controversy, with
some viewers feeling that they have lost a valuable metric for evaluating
videos. However, alternatives are emerging, such as the browser extension Return
YouTube Dislike, and a new site called Favoree, which is being hailed as "the
Rotten Tomatoes of YouTube." Favoree allows users to rate channels out of five
stars and write reviews, giving viewers a better understanding of why people
like or dislike a particular channel. While the site is still new and has a
limited number of channels represented, it will be interesting to see how it
develops in the future.

Ian Hacking, Eminent Philosopher of Science and Much Else, Dies at 87
model prompt
Ian Hacking, a Canadian philosopher known for his contributions to the
philosophies of science, probability, and mathematics, as well as his insights
on issues like race and mental health, has died at the age of 87. Hacking was a
professor at the University of Toronto for over two decades and was widely
regarded as a bridge builder between academic fields. His book "The Taming of
Chance" was named one of the best 100 nonfiction books of the 20th century by
the Modern Library. Hacking's work in the philosophy of science was
groundbreaking, and he argued that science was just as much about intervention
as it was about representation.

RIP Don Bateman, possibly saved more lives than any person in aviation history
model prompt
Don Bateman, a pioneer in aviation safety, has passed away. Bateman was
responsible for developing the Enhanced Ground Proximity Warning System (EGPWS),
which has been credited with saving countless lives in the aviation industry.
The EGPWS warns pilots of potential collisions with terrain, and has become a
standard feature in modern aircraft. Bateman's contributions to aviation safety
have been widely recognized, and his legacy will continue to impact the industry
for years to come.

Apache Baremaps: online maps toolkit
model prompt
Apache Baremaps is a comprehensive toolkit that simplifies the process of
creating, publishing, and operating online maps. It offers a range of
infrastructure components that make it easy for developers to build and deploy
maps quickly and efficiently. The toolkit is designed to be flexible and
customizable, allowing developers to tailor their maps to their specific needs.
Apache Baremaps is a valuable resource for anyone looking to create high-quality
online maps quickly and easily.

Lua: The Little Language That Could
model prompt

The Mysterious 50 Ohm Impedance: Where It Came from and Why We Use It
model prompt
In the world of RF/high-speed PCB design, the 50 Ohm impedance standard is a
fundamental concept that comes up repeatedly. But where did this standard come
from and why is it important? The answer lies in the history of telecom
engineering and the design of air-filled coaxial cables for radio transmitters.
The 50 Ohm impedance value is a compromise between the impedance corresponding
to minimum loss, maximum power, and maximum voltage. While the reason for
rounding off to 75 Ohms instead of using 77 Ohms is still a mystery, Altium
Designer® offers the tools needed for high-speed and RF design, including
impedance control in PCB stackup.

Why octopuses are building small “cities” off the coast of Australia (2017)
model prompt
Researchers have discovered a second "city" of octopuses off the coast of
Australia, leading them to believe that the creatures have been building group
habitats for some time. The new discovery, called "Octlantis", is made up of
around 10 to 15 gloomy octopuses, which have built dens from discarded shells.
The octopuses leave behind mounds of discarded shells from their prey, as well
as junk they've scavenged, like beer bottles and lead fishing lures. Over the
years, octopuses pushed these mounds against the rocks, burrowed inside, and
created dens next to each other.

ARM’s Cortex A53: Tiny but Important
model prompt
ARM's Cortex A53 is a low-power, dual issue, in-order architecture CPU that is
optimized for extremely low power and performance targets. It is a prominent
example of ARM's focus on power efficiency and fills an important spot in ARM's
lineup, as not all applications require a lot of processing power. The A53 has
been used in a variety of devices, including mobile SoCs, set-top boxes, and
edge server chips. While it may not dominate spec sheets or get shiny stickers
on boxes, it has played a significant role in making many devices tick.

Bayes is guaranteed to overfit, for any model, any prior, and every data point
model prompt
The author challenges the popular belief in the Bayesian world that Bayesian
models do not overfit and therefore do not require cross-validation. The author
argues that Bayesian models do overfit and are guaranteed to overfit, regardless
of the model or prior used, on every realization of training data and every
single point of the training data. The author provides a mathematical
explanation for this and also discusses how other inferences, such as maximum
likelihood estimation, can overfit even more than Bayesian models. The author
clarifies that they are only referring to the positive generalization gap in
Bayesian prediction and not discussing whether Bayesian prediction necessarily
has a better or worse test prediction error than maximum likelihood estimation.

Music Company Asks Google to Delist 'YouTube Downloader' Wikipedia Article
model prompt
French indie label Because Music has asked Google to remove a Wikipedia page
that lists YouTube downloaders, as well as other sites that link to or mention
such downloaders. The request was made under the Digital Millennium Copyright
Act (DMCA), which allows copyright holders to request the removal of content
they believe infringes their rights. The move is part of a wider campaign by
music industry groups to target YouTube ripping sites. Critics argue that the
requests are often too broad and can be used to target legitimate content.

Bread Board Wristwatch (2017)
model prompt
The Bread Board Wristwatch is a fun and geeky project that allows you to have an
electronics prototyping platform on your wrist at all times. The watch uses the
QDSP-6064 bubble LED display and is powered by a rechargeable PSU underneath the
breadboard, delivering 3.1V. The MCU chosen for this project is an ATtiny84A,
which uses a 32768Hz crystal for the CPU clock and RTC timer. The low I/O count
on this MCU means that the segment driver pins are also used for the cathode
pins for each digit, accomplished by having diodes in series with the MCU
outputs. The PSU for the watch is the STNS01 from ST-Microelectronics, which has
an integrated Li-Po battery charger and 3.1V LDO.

Retrowin32: Async, DLL loading, tracing execution, and Zig
model prompt

Comparing iPhone 13 vs. iPhone 14 for Astrophotography
model prompt

Neo-Desktop/WindowsXPKg: Keygen for Windows XP
model prompt
The Neo-Desktop/WindowsXPKg is a keygen program for generating endless Windows
XP keys and checking existing ones. It works by using a cracked private key from
Microsoft to sign encoded data in the 25-digit product key, and can also check
for key validation. The program requires OpenSSL >0.9.8b and can be used during
installation by generating a key and using it, followed by activation using the
telephone activation method and xp_activate32.exe. The project differentiates
itself by using a unique method based on a paper and a cracked private key.

The C Interpreter: A Tutorial for Cin (1988)
model prompt
The C Interpreter: A Tutorial for Cin (1988) is a tutorial guide to help users
get started with the C interpreter, Cin. Cin is an interactive programming
environment for the C programming language, providing integrated facilities to
create, edit, browse, execute, and debug programs. The tutorial covers creating
simple programs, testing individual functions and expressions, inspecting and
modifying variables, using program views, and setting breakpoints. The tutorial
also includes exercises to reinforce material covered in the text and explore
material not thoroughly discussed. The tutorial assumes that the reader knows
how to log on to a UNIX system and how to express algorithms in C.

Build Your Own Lisp
model prompt
Build Your Own Lisp is a book that teaches readers how to use C and build their
own programming language in just 1000 lines of code. The book is free to read
online, but also available for purchase in print or e-book formats. Along the
way, readers will learn about the unique nature of Lisps, develop real-world
projects, solve problems concisely, and write beautiful code. The book has
received high praise from readers, with one saying it made them feel complete as
a C programmer and another calling it one of the greatest things they've found
on the internet.

Tom Hanks on the Rewards and “Vicious Reality” of Making Movies
model prompt
Tom Hanks, the rare real movie star with a four-decade career, recently
published a novel called “The Making of Another Major Motion Picture
Masterpiece,” which describes how movies are made. In an interview with The New
Yorker, Hanks discussed the challenges of making movies, including the “vicious
reality” of the industry, the boredom and chaos of the process, and the pressure
to perform well. He also talked about the unpredictability of acting, where
actors are sometimes required to perform emotional scenes when they are feeling
terrible. Hanks is known for his tireless storytelling and his ability to
attract a sizable audience to even the most predictable movies.

Vitamin D: Potent regulator of dopaminergic neuron differentiation and function
model prompt

The First 'Apple Silicon' – The Aquarius Processor Project
model prompt
Apple's first attempt to design its own processor came over twenty years before
the appearance of the first iPhone. The Aquarius project was launched in the
late 1980s and was supposed to be secret, but secrecy was hard to maintain with
a dedicated building containing an expensive computer like the Cray. The project
was eventually brought to an end in 1989, but it stands as an early example of
Apple's abiding desire to control the future of its hardware. The lack of any
record or mention of a prototype suggests that they never built a working

Kings Grew Pale
model prompt
Christopher Clark's book "Kings Grew Pale" explores the events of the 1848
revolutions across Europe. Clark's narrative style allows him to provide
detailed analysis of each moment of crisis, from the mob lynching in Budapest to
Count Stadion's fiddling with his pince-nez in Prague. Clark challenges the
cliché that the driving force of the revolutions was the hunger of suppressed
nationalities for independence and statehood, showing that nationalism was at
times lethal to the revolutions. He also dispels the myth that the revolutions
were a failure, arguing that a new political generation emerged in their
aftermath, forming the basis for the political parties of today.

The Gemini protocol as seen by curl maintainer
model prompt
The Gemini protocol is a new wire protocol that aims to counter some
developments that are considered wrong on the current web. It features a new
documentation format and is designed by the pseudonymous "Solderpunk" without
the involvement of the IETF or other capable organizations. Gemini has no
cookies, no negotiations, no authentication, no compression, and basically no
headers in an effort to prevent surveillance and tracking. It instead uses TLS
client certificates for keeping state between requests. The protocol is simple,
but it lacks the power to do a lot of things that can be done on the web. Gemini
only exists done over TLS, and there is no clear text version.

Unnatural Keys – Nature doesn’t come with identifiers
model prompt
In this article, the author discusses the challenges of creating a database of
all the songs in the world to properly identify unknown songs and provide
attribution for payment. They highlight the fact that nature doesn't come with
identifiers, and how this relates to the use of artificial intelligence, such as
DALL-E, to create "unnatural keys" to identify objects. The author's work in the
music industry adds a unique perspective to the discussion of engineering
challenges in creating such a database.

Mastering CSS Blend Modes
model prompt
"Mastering CSS Blend Modes" is an article on kodingkitty.com that explains how
CSS mix blend modes can be used to create visually interesting designs. The
article discusses how blend modes allow you to manipulate how elements interact
with each other, and how they offer similar capabilities to photo editing
software such as Photoshop. The article also provides a list of the blend modes
available in Tailwind, and encourages readers to get creative and experiment
with different effects. Overall, the article is a helpful guide for anyone
looking to master CSS blend modes.

Steel Bank Common Lisp 2.3.5 released
model prompt
The Steel Bank Common Lisp (SBCL) version 2.3.5 has been released, with updated
Unicode support, a new contrib module for Linux performance analysis, and
various bug fixes and optimizations. The new Unicode support includes additions
of characters and their collation keys, as well as refinements to grapheme-,
word-, and line-breaking algorithms. Additionally, the new contrib module
provides an interface to perf, a performance-analyzing tool for Linux. Other
updates include platform support for OpenBSD and Darwin/arm64, and improved
arithmetic operations for arm64 and x86-64. Older SBCL releases are also
available for review on the website.

Show HN: HNRelevant – Show related HN submissions in an integrated sidebar
model prompt
HNRelevant is a Chrome extension that displays related submissions on Hacker
News in an integrated sidebar. It uses the HN algolia search API and the
submission title as its initial query. The extension is seamless and easy to
use, with a native look and feel that is well integrated with the page structure
of Hacker News. It also allows for fine-tunable queries if the initial results
are not relevant enough. HNRelevant is released under the MIT License and can be
installed by cloning the repo and enabling Developer mode in Chrome.

Identity Crisis – A Tale of DevRel
model prompt
The field of developer relations (DevRel) is facing an identity crisis, with
little standardization across various aspects of the role. Companies that lack
genuine commitment to developers, fail to understand the developer mindset, lack
trust with the developer community, skimp on resources, or execute poorly may
struggle to build meaningful relationships with developers. The question of
where DevRel should sit within an organization is also a contentious issue.
Developer advocates should be highly technical, producing code and technical
content, with community work as a nice-to-have. Empathy for developers is
important, but not enough to become a strong developer advocate.

UMD Study Finds Brain Connectivity, Memory Improves in Adults After Walking
model prompt
New research from the University of Maryland School of Public Health has found
that regular walks can improve connections in and between brain networks, which
could slow the onset of Alzheimer’s disease. The study examined the brains and
story recollection abilities of older adults with normal brain function and
those diagnosed with mild cognitive impairment, which is a slight decline in
mental abilities like memory, reasoning and judgment and a risk factor for
Alzheimer’s. After 12 weeks of supervised walking on a treadmill, researchers
observed significant improvements in participants’ story recall abilities, as
well as stronger activity within the default mode network, within the salience
network and in the connections between the three networks.

Stuxnet (2010) [pdf]
model prompt
The Stuxnet malware, discovered in 2010, is one of the most complex threats ever
analyzed. It was primarily designed to target industrial control systems, such
as those used in gas pipelines and power plants, and reprogram programmable
logic controllers (PLCs) to operate as the attackers intended them to. Stuxnet
contained many features, including zero-day exploits, a Windows rootkit, the
first-ever PLC rootkit, and antivirus evasion techniques. The malware was likely
created by a team of five to ten core developers, and the attackers compromised
two digital certificates to avoid suspicion. The majority of infections were
found in Iran.

Why I Left Rust
model prompt
The author of the post explains why they left Rust, citing the mistreatment of a
keynote speaker as the reason. The speaker, JeanHeyd Meneide, was initially
proposed and selected as a keynote speaker for RustConf, but some team members
expressed discomfort with Meneide's blog post on reflection in Rust. Without
taking a vote from the interim leadership group, a Rust leader reached out to
RustConf leadership and asked to change the invitation. RustConf leadership
decided to downgrade the talk, leading Meneide to decline to speak at RustConf.
The author criticizes Rust for acting as a cruel and heartless entity that did
not care about Meneide and treated him as disposable. The author calls for
accountability and answers to questions about how the decision was made and how
to prevent similar incidents in the future.

SAR Values of Commercially Available Mobile Phones
model prompt
The website www.bfs.de provides a list of SAR values for commercially available
mobile phones. SAR values are a measure of the amount of radiofrequency
electromagnetic radiation absorbed by the body when using a mobile phone. The
list includes current and discontinued models from various brands, including AEG
and Acer. Some devices do not comply with the requirements of the eco-label
"Blue Angel" from a radiation protection point of view, due to their SAR values
at the ear exceeding 0.5 W/kg. The list can be useful for consumers who are
concerned about the potential health risks of mobile phone use.

CISA bulletin – PRC state-sponsored cyber actor techniques [pdf]
model prompt
The United States and international cybersecurity authorities have issued a
joint Cybersecurity Advisory (CSA) to highlight a recently discovered cluster of
activity of interest associated with a People’s Republic of China (PRC) state-
sponsored cyber actor, also known as Volt Typhoon. The actor uses living off the
land techniques to evade detection by blending in with normal Windows system and
network activities, avoiding endpoint detection and response (EDR) products that
would alert on the introduction of third-party applications to the host, and
limiting the amount of activity that is captured in default logging
configurations. The advisory provides an overview of hunting guidance and
associated best practices to detect this activity.

Are Electric Vehicles Better or Worse for the Environment?
model prompt
The debate over whether electric vehicles (EVs) are better or worse for the
environment than gas-powered vehicles is complex. While EVs emit more carbon
during production due to the mining and refining of lithium for batteries, they
emit less carbon during their lifetime on the road. An environmental study found
that by the time an EV is 1.5 years old, its emissions have evened out with a
gas-powered vehicle of the same age. By the end of their lives, EVs emit 52%
less carbon than gas vehicles, including emissions from battery production.
However, concerns remain over the environmental impact of lithium mining and
disposal of EV batteries.

Health officials delayed report linking fluoride to brain harm
model prompt
The US Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) delayed the release of a
report by the National Toxicology Program (NTP) linking fluoride to possible
harm to brain development, according to Freedom of Information Act records
obtained by Food & Water Watch. The report, which was set to play a key role in
an ongoing lawsuit to get the Environmental Protection Agency to regulate water
fluoridation, found that a link between typical levels of fluoride added to
water and possible harm to brain development is unclear, but did find a possible
link to cognitive harm at approximately two times the current recommended water
fluoridation level. The report will now be released on 15 March.

Ford Will Use Tesla EV Charging, but That's Only Part of the Story
model prompt
Ford has announced that it will offer access to Tesla's Supercharger network to
present and future owners of its electric vehicles. The two companies' CEOs
jointly announced that future Ford EVs will incorporate the Tesla connector from
2025, and current Ford EV owners will have access to Superchargers starting in
spring 2024 via a CCS-to-Tesla connector. The move is seen as a brilliant
marketing advantage for Ford, putting pressure on existing fast-charging
networks to up their game substantially in the area of reliability. It remains
unclear whether Ford will replace the existing CCS/J1772 connector altogether in
its future EVs or simply add the Tesla connector alongside it.

Watch Tarkovsky's Best Films Online for Free
model prompt

The Future of Consumer SBCs: Has the Pi Bubble Burst?
model prompt

Absentee leadership – the most common type of incompetent leader
model prompt
Absentee leadership is the most common form of incompetent leadership, according
to research. Absentee leaders are those in leadership roles who are
psychologically absent from them, avoiding meaningful involvement with their
teams. They were promoted into management, and enjoy the privileges and rewards
of a leadership role, but provide none. Absentee leadership kills engagement and
productivity, and research shows that being ignored by one’s boss is more
alienating than being treated poorly. The impact of absentee leadership on job
satisfaction outlasts the impact of both constructive and overtly destructive
forms of leadership. However, absentee leaders often go unnoticed as they don't
actively make trouble.

JeanHeyd Meneide's response to “Why I left Rust”
model prompt
In response to a blog post titled "Why I left Rust," JeanHeyd Meneide shares
their own perspective on the programming language. Meneide acknowledges the
challenges and frustrations that can come with Rust, but ultimately believes
that it is a powerful tool for building reliable and efficient software. They
also emphasize the importance of community support and collaboration in
overcoming obstacles. Overall, Meneide's response offers a balanced and
thoughtful perspective on Rust and its potential benefits and drawbacks.

Tested: Where Does the Tone Come from in an Electric Guitar?
model prompt

About Dolly Parton’s Imagination Library
model prompt
Dolly Parton’s Imagination Library is a book gifting program that sends free,
high-quality books to children from birth to age five, regardless of their
family’s income. The program started in Sevier County, Tennessee, where Dolly
grew up, and quickly expanded to become a national and global effort. The
program has received numerous awards and honors, including the Library of
Congress Literacy Awards and the Good Housekeeping Seal of Approval. The
organization celebrates milestones and continues to grow, reflecting Dolly’s
always-keep-dreaming mindset.

US police are selling seized phones with personal data still on them
model prompt
US police are selling seized phones with personal data still on them, according
to a report by New Scientist. The practice, which is legal in some states,
allows hackers to buy phones and commit crimes with the same data and victims as
the previous owner. Security experts have warned that the sale of phones with
personal data intact is a major security risk.

Venetians are pondering raising their entire city
model prompt
The city of Venice has been protected from regular high tides, known as acqua
alta, by a giant piece of hydraulic engineering called MOSE. The system, which
is made up of 78 hinged steel floodgates that run for 1.6km along the sea floor
beneath the three inlets to the Venetian lagoon, was designed to serve for a
century. However, the director-general of Consorzio Venezia Nuova, the Venetian
engineering consortium that built it, fears that, thanks to a combination of
climate change and the gradual sinking of the city itself, its useful lifespan
might be just half as long. A plan to extend the system’s life involves pumping
seawater underground to raise the land.

Antarctic alarm bells: Observations reveal deep ocean currents slowing earlier
model prompt
New research published in the journal Nature Climate Change reveals that the
deep ocean currents around Antarctica are slowing down and deep ocean oxygen
levels are declining, happening even earlier than climate models predicted. The
slowdown has the potential to disrupt the connection between the Antarctic
coasts and the deep ocean, with profound consequences for Earth's climate, sea
level, and marine life. Reductions in the amount of Antarctic bottom water
reaching the ocean floor also increase sea levels because the warmer water that
replaces it takes up more space. The research provides yet another reason to
work harder and faster to reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

model prompt
No-color.org is a website that provides a comprehensive list of various open-
source command-line tools and utilities. The list includes tools for IT
automation, package management, testing, data management, and more. Each tool is
accompanied by its name, description, and release date. The website is a useful
resource for developers and system administrators who are looking for new tools
to enhance their workflow. There is no controversy or surprising information in
this content.

Microsoft keyboard users are so devastated after discontinuation of accessories
model prompt
Microsoft has discontinued its ergonomic keyboard and other accessories, much to
the dismay of devoted users. The company has been producing keyboards since
1994, attracting a loyal following to its ergonomic offerings. However,
Microsoft has decided to sunset its more well-known ergonomic products as part
of a broader effort to prioritise growing categories. While the company will
continue producing keyboards, it is focusing on its Windows PC accessories
portfolio under the Surface brand. Other companies, including Logitech, still
make ergonomic keyboards, but Microsoft's decision has left many users

Climate change could trigger gigantic deadly tsunamis from Antarctica
model prompt
Climate change could lead to massive tsunamis in the Southern Ocean by causing
underwater landslides in Antarctica, according to a new study. Scientists
discovered that during previous periods of global warming, loose sediment layers
formed and slipped, sending huge tsunami waves to the shores of South America,
New Zealand, and Southeast Asia. As climate change heats the oceans, researchers
believe there is a possibility these tsunamis could be unleashed once more. The
exact trigger for the region's past underwater landslides is not known, but the
researchers have found a most-likely culprit: the melting of glacier ice by a
warming climate.

Scar Tissues Make Relationships Wear Out – John Ousterhout
model prompt
In a lecture at Stanford, Professor John Ousterhout discusses the difficulty of
building long-lasting relationships, both personal and professional. He argues
that relationships don't fail because of a single catastrophic event, but rather
because of the accumulation of small annoyances and conflicts, which he calls
"scar tissue." This scar tissue weakens the relationship over time, leading to
patterns of bad behavior and eventually causing the relationship to wear out.
Ousterhout emphasizes the importance of resolving issues with zero lingering
animosity and finding compromise through communication, but warns against being
too nice or too argumentative. The key to long-lasting relationships is to avoid
the creation of scar tissue.

Txti, the page from motherfuckingwebsite.com, is shutting down
model prompt
Txti, the page from motherfuckingwebsite.com, is shutting down permanently on
July 1, 2023, due to bad actors. No new pages can be created, and users are
advised to save any content they need and find another place for their content.
Created nine years ago with a mission to play a part in a more globally
accessible internet, txti is no longer able to keep up with the need for
trustworthiness and safety on the internet. The creator is grateful to have been
a part of a special era of the internet's evolution and thanks everyone who used
and loved txti.

Superintelligence: The Idea That Eats Smart People
model prompt
The idea of superintelligence, where machines reach and exceed human levels of
intelligence, is both dangerous and inevitable according to philosopher Nick
Bostrom. This idea has been taken seriously by Stephen Hawking, Elon Musk, and
Silicon Valley investors and billionaires. Bostrom's argument is based on six
premises, including the fact that thinking minds exist and that the space of all
possible minds is large. The risk is that any hyperintelligent machine would
have its own hypergoals and would work to achieve them by manipulating humans or
using their bodies as a source of raw materials. The consequences of this
scenario could be catastrophic.

TV doctors say annual checkups save lives. Real doctors call bullshit
model prompt
A new ad from health insurer Cigna features popular TV doctors urging Americans
to get their annual physicals, but real doctors are calling bullshit. Annual
exams for healthy people can waste money and often lead to unnecessary follow-up
care, according to a significant body of medical research. A massive review of
the evidence in 2012 found that annual exams don’t save lives. While annual
reviews are good for diagnosing new disease, those additional diagnoses didn’t
seem to save lives. Knowing about a particular condition didn’t, in these
studies, correlate with better health outcomes. Annual physical exams can “do
more harm than good.”

The Relay That Changed the Power Industry
model prompt
Edmund O. Schweitzer III invented the digital microprocessor-based relay in
1977, which could locate a fault within the radius of 1 kilometer, setting new
standards for utility reliability, safety, and efficiency. To develop and
manufacture his relay, he launched Schweitzer Engineering Laboratories in 1982
from his basement in Pullman, Wash. Today SEL manufactures hundreds of products
that protect, monitor, control, and automate electric power systems in more than
165 countries. Schweitzer's company continues to grow and has four manufacturing
facilities in the United States. Its newest one, which opened in March in
Moscow, Idaho, fabricates printed circuit boards.

Eight Graphs That Explain Software Engineering Salaries in 2023
model prompt

HP printers should have EPEAT ecolabels revoked, trade group demands
model prompt
The International Imaging Technology Council (IITC) has demanded that the
General Electronics Council (GEC) revoke the Electronic Product Environmental
Assessment Tool (EPEAT) ecolabels from at least 101 HP printer models. The IITC
claims that HP has "made a mockery of" the EPEAT registry by marketing printers
with Dynamic Security and HP+ features as being environmentally friendly,
despite these features blocking third-party ink cartridges. The IITC previously
filed a complaint about HP in 2019, but saw no noticeable results. While the
IITC is biased due to representing toner and inkjet cartridge remanufacturers,
its complaint mirrors concerns raised by consumers and class-action lawsuits.

Show HN: A pixel art puzzle game for mobile using PixiJS
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Free Lighthouses
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The General Services Administration (GSA) is offering free lighthouses to
eligible organizations through their National Historic Lighthouse Preservation
Program. The program aims to preserve and protect historic lighthouses across
the United States. Eligible organizations include federal agencies, state and
local governments, non-profit organizations, and educational institutions. The
lighthouses are available for transfer at no cost, but the recipient must agree
to preserve and maintain the historic structure. This program provides a unique
opportunity for organizations to acquire a piece of history and contribute to
its preservation.

A Novel About Video Games Became a Surprise Best Seller
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Gabrielle Zevin, author of the surprise bestseller "Tomorrow, and Tomorrow, and
Tomorrow," has been publishing for nearly two decades with a diverse range of
works. Her latest novel, which centers around a video game designer who dies and
is uploaded into his own creation, has become a top-selling title at independent
bookstores. Zevin grew up feeling culturally adrift and out of place, but found
solace in video games like Alley Cat, King's Quest IV, and Oregon Trail. These
immersive worlds became "formative stories" for her and inspired her latest

Introduction to Algorithms: A Creative Approach by Udi Manber [pdf]
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The website doc.lagout.org offers a free pdf download of the book "Introduction
to Algorithms: A Creative Approach" by Udi Manber. The book aims to teach
readers not only how to solve specific problems but also how to design new
algorithms through a creative process. It covers a range of topics including
data structures, algorithms, mathematical proofs, and parallel computation. The
book is organized into four areas: design techniques, basic mathematical
structures, geometric algorithms, and algorithms for sets, graphs, and numerical
problems. The author credits his wife for her instrumental role in the
development of the book.

Inner workings revealed for “Predator,” Android malware that exploited 5 0-days
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0AD, an open source historical RTS in development for 22 years
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The open-source historical real-time strategy game, 0AD, has been in development
for 22 years and is now introducing an experimental Vulkan backend in its next
alpha release. Players can test the new feature and report any bugs by
downloading the development version of the game. In addition, Wildfire Games is
sending its best wishes for 2023 and offering a printable version of a card to
share the word about 0AD: Empires Ascendant. The game is also up for an indie of
the year award hosted by IndieDB and sponsored by Mod.io, and players are
encouraged to cast their vote.

The Art of Making Debts: Accounting for an Obsession in 19th-Century France
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The Public Domain Review explores the 19th-century French obsession with debt
and the art of avoiding repayment. Central to this art was the "promenade" or
"run around," which involved boring creditors to the point of exhaustion and
despair. Debtors were encouraged to rent top-floor apartments with difficult
access and to furnish them with strange and distracting devices. Manuals even
suggested changes in physical appearance, such as wigs, beards, fake noses, and
disfigurements, to avoid detection. The full run-around could take years, and
debtors needed careful preparation to master this art of making debts.

What’s a Safe Distance from a Supernova for Earth?
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A recent study based on data from the Chandra X-Ray Observatory suggests that a
supernova would have to be within 160 light-years of Earth before we would feel
its damaging effects. Previously, it was believed that a supernova would have to
be within 50 light-years of Earth to impact our planet. If a supernova were to
go off within about 30 light-years of Earth, it would lead to major effects on
the planet, possibly mass extinctions. Fortunately, there are no stars within 30
light-years of Earth poised to go supernova. Betelgeuse, one of the brightest
stars in our sky, is due to explode someday, but it is 430 light-years away.

model prompt
ImmersiveWeb.dev provides a range of tools and frameworks for building 3D/AR/VR
experiences using HTML and JavaScript. A-Frame is a popular web framework based
on three.js, while Babylon.js is an easy-to-use real-time 3D game engine with
full WebXR support. Model Viewer is a custom HTML element for displaying 3D
models and viewing them in AR, while p5.xr is an add-on for p5.js that enables
running p5 sketches in AR or VR. PlayCanvas is an open-source game engine that
uses HTML5 and WebGL to run games and other interactive experiences.

Paper Airplane Designs: A database of paper airplanes
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Foldnfly.com is a website that offers over 50 paper airplane designs for users
to try out. The website provides tips on how to steer your paper airplane and
which designs are best for distance and aerial tricks. The Bird is the paper
airplane that reliably flies the furthest, but users can also try out the
Stealth Glider, Sonic Jet, or Basic Dart. The website also offers paper airplane
party games and activities, including throwing contests, puzzles, and decorating
paper airplanes. Users are encouraged to get creative and share their creations
on social media using the hashtag #foldnfly.

Dial Box (Computer Peripheral)
model prompt
The Dial Box is a computer peripheral used for direct 3D manipulation, allowing
users to input rotation and torsion angles of a model displayed on a computer
screen. Dial boxes were commonly used in the early years of interactive 3D
graphics and were available for workstations from Silicon Graphics and Sun
Microsystems. They have since been replaced by standard computer mouse
interaction techniques. The standard dial box has eight dials mounted on a plate
and is connected to a computer via the serial port. Dial boxes were often used
in molecular graphics applications. At least two different models of dial boxes
were sold with the SGI brand.

Show HN: fastgron: A JSON to GRON Converter That's 40 Times Faster Than Gron
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Fastgron is a high-performance JSON to GRON converter developed in C++20,
utilizing simdjson and fast_io libraries. It is 40 times faster than Gron on big
files and can be used to convert JSON files to GRON format. The project includes
a usage example and speed comparison with Gron on a 190MB file. The author
mentions that a C++20 compatible compiler and CMake version 3.8 or higher are
required to build and run the project. Fastgron is differentiated from other
JSON to GRON converters by its high performance.

Probabilistic Cache Recompute to Defeat Cache Stampedes
model prompt
The article discusses a technique called probabilistic cache recomputation,
which can be used to prevent cache stampedes. This approach allows each request
thread to independently decide whether to recompute the cache value before its
expiration based on a probabilistic formula. The probability of triggering a
recomputation is influenced by several factors, including a user-defined
constant value, the time required to perform the cache key recomputation, the
proximity of the cache key's expiration time, and the frequency of access to the
cache key. The article provides a code snippet that demonstrates the
implementation of this formula and explains how it works. The hotness of a cache
key influences the frequency of early recomputations, with more frequent access
increasing the chances of recomputing the cache key.

Jane Street Tech Blog – Oxidizing OCaml: Locality
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The Jane Street Tech Blog discusses the benefits and trade-offs of Rust's system
for tracking lifetime and ownership compared to OCaml's garbage collector. To
better support Rust's features without giving up OCaml's principles, Jane Street
introduces a system of modes that track properties like the locality and
uniqueness of OCaml values. Modes allow for better, lower-allocation code, safer
APIs, and static guarantees of data race freedom in the presence of concurrency.
Local variables can be stack-allocated using modes, and modes can also be used
to design safer APIs by requiring promises from the caller. Modes are separate
from types and do not operate on them.

The Homebrew Hercules Graphics Card
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The author of the article was contacted by a friendly tinkerer named Arek who
designed a homebrew Hercules Graphics Card PCB. The author assembled the card
and played beta tester for the design. The article provides a tour of the card
and its capabilities. The card is not yet available for purchase but may be open
sourced eventually.

Times New Bastard: Times New Roman but every 7th letter is jarringly sans serif
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Times New Bastard is a modified version of Times New Roman where every seventh
letter is sans serif, creating a jarring effect. It is based on Nimbus Roman No.
9 L and Nimbus Sans. The font can be used on the web by turning on ligatures and
optimizing legibility, and in Microsoft Office by turning on ligatures. The font
and related files are distributed under the GNU Affero General Public License
Version 3, with a special exception allowing for the inclusion of the font in a
Postscript or PDF file containing text to be displayed or printed using the

ChatGPT: A Mental Model
model prompt
The author of xorvoid.com discusses the hype and fear surrounding ChatGPT, a
language model that has been the subject of many doomsday predictions. However,
the author argues that ChatGPT is simply a tool that can be used for creativity
and ingenuity, and that it is not likely to lead to significant job losses.
While ChatGPT may be impressive in its breadth of knowledge, it lacks an
underlying mental model of the world, which limits its ability to reason through
problems. Overall, the author advises readers to stay calm and carry on, as
humanity has always found new ways to use innovative tools.

State Farm halts new property insurance policies in California
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12 horses die from injuries over the past month at Churchill Downs
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Churchill Downs, the home of the Kentucky Derby, has seen 12 horse fatalities in
the past month, with two horses dying in the past two days. The track has
commissioned an epidemiological study with the Jockey Club to identify any
undetected patterns that may be causing the spike in fatalities. The track has
also commissioned surface expert Mick Peterson to perform additional tests on
the track, but the data did not raise any concerns. Churchill Downs has stated
that it is committed to minimizing risk to the sport and its property and will
update the public with any developments.

Reflections on Ten Years Past the Snowden Revelations
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The author reflects on their personal involvement in the Snowden revelations,
including their trip to Rio de Janeiro to help interpret technical documents
from the archive. They describe the surreal experience of reading top-secret NSA
documents and the disorienting effect it can have on intelligence professionals.
The author also discusses their concerns about operational security and the slow
and methodical process of working with The Guardian to publish stories based on
the documents. They refute the idea that Snowden wants to damage America and
emphasize the careful redaction of documents to avoid harm to national security.

Intel CPU Die Topology
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CPU designers have increased core counts and socket counts to continue
increasing performance across generations of new CPU models. However, to scale
to higher core counts, high core count CPUs implement a Network-On-Chip (NOC)
interconnect within each physical CPU die and package, typically some sort of
mesh or ring bus, to communicate between CPU cores. Depending on the particular
topology used for the network, the interconnect will have varying performance
characteristics. For most applications and CPUs, these performance differences
will be negligible in practice for all but the most demanding workloads.
However, they are detectable with microbenchmarks. The article provides examples
of the mesh interconnect's performance for Intel CPUs.

Large Language Models Do Not Recognize Identifier Swaps in Python
model prompt
The paper titled "The Larger They Are, the Harder They Fail: Language Models do
not Recognize Identifier Swaps in Python" explores the limitations of Large
Language Models (LLMs) in understanding programming languages. The authors found
that LLMs fail to generate correct Python code when default function names are
swapped, and some even become more confident in their incorrect predictions as
the model size increases. This phenomenon, known as Inverse Scaling, runs
contrary to the commonly observed trend of increasing prediction quality with
increasing model size. The authors conclude that LLMs lack a deep, abstract
understanding of the content they manipulate, making them unsuitable for tasks
that statistically deviate from their training data.

Defining a new HTTP method: HTTP Search (2021)
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HTTP SEARCH is a new HTTP method that has been recently adopted as an IETF draft
standard. It is a safe request that includes a request body, which solves the
problem of complicated data retrieval without changing the server state.
Currently, there are only five main HTTP methods, and none of them are suitable
for complex queries without encoding them in a URL or using a POST request. HTTP
SEARCH is still in the early stages of development, but it has the potential to
add great new tools for HTTP development. However, there are some caveats to be
aware of, such as the fact that it is not currently defined as cacheable.

Servo, the parallel browser engine written in Rust
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At Servo, we're excited to announce our parallel browser engine written in Rust.
We've been working hard on rewriting our layout engine, and we're proud to
present Layout 2013 and Layout 2020. Our proposal for layout in Servo going
forward is sure to impress, and we can't wait to see the impact it will have on
the industry. Join us in this exciting new chapter of web development.

Is Cybersecurity an Unsolvable Problem?
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Research Philosophy of Modern Cryptography
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The paper "Research Philosophy of Modern Cryptography" explores the research
philosophy behind proposing new cryptography schemes. The authors surveyed over
800 research papers since 1976 and categorized the methodology into 3 ways for
benefits, 6 types of benefits, and 17 benefit areas. They introduce 40 research
strategies within these benefit areas that cover most cryptography schemes
published in top-tier cryptography conferences. This paper provides valuable
insights into the research philosophy of modern cryptography and can be useful
for researchers in the field.

Integrating Zig and SwiftUI
model prompt
The author discusses the problem of building a native GUI for a cross-platform
application and shares their approach of writing business logic in a cross-
platform language (such as Zig or Rust) and platform-specific GUI code (such as
SwiftUI in XCode). They explain how to export a C API with Zig, build a static
library, merge all dependencies, create a universal library, and build an
xcframework file. The author emphasizes that while there are many steps
involved, each step is a tried and true operation for working with system
libraries and is unlikely to be brittle going forward. The payoff is a truly
native GUI experience while still being cross-platform.

Private Spies Hired by FBI and Corporations Infiltrate Discord, Reddit, WhatsApp
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History of the WWII Jerrycan
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The HTTP QUERY Method specification
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The HTTP QUERY Method specification introduces a new request method for making
safe and idempotent requests that contain large amounts of data. This is useful
when query parameters extend to several kilobytes or more of data, as many
implementations place limits on the size of request URIs. Encoding query
parameters directly into the request URI also casts every possible combination
of query inputs as distinct resources, which may not be desirable. The QUERY
method allows for passing input parameters within the content of the request,
making it explicitly safe and idempotent while allowing for caching and
automatic retries. The specification uses key words such as "MUST" and "SHOULD"
to ensure proper interpretation.

Building a Personal VoIP System
model prompt
The author of this blog post shares their experience of building a personal VoIP
system using open-source tools like Asterisk. The post is written for those who
are experienced with self-hosting but unfamiliar with VoIP. The author explains
the underlying network protocols involved in VoIP, particularly the Session
Initialization Protocol (SIP), and the challenges of network address translation
(NAT) when making calls outside of a local network. The post also provides a
glossary of VoIP jargon and step-by-step instructions for acquiring an IP phone
and setting up an Asterisk PBX. The author recommends Yealink devices and
Linphone softphone app for beginners.

Landmark Attention: Random-Access Infinite Context Length for Transformers
model prompt
The paper proposes a new approach to attention mechanisms in transformers,
called Landmark Attention. This approach allows for random-access infinite
context length, meaning that the model can attend to any part of the input
sequence without being limited by a fixed window size. The authors demonstrate
the effectiveness of Landmark Attention on several tasks, including language
modeling and machine translation. This approach has the potential to improve the
performance of transformers on tasks that require long-term dependencies and

Creating a sperm or egg from any cell? Reproduction revolution on the horizon
model prompt
Scientists are exploring the potential of in-vitro gametogenesis (IVG), a
process that could create human eggs and sperm in a laboratory from any cell in
a person's body. Researchers have already perfected IVG in mice, using cells
from the tails of adult mice to create induced pluripotent stem cells, which
were then coaxed into becoming mouse sperm and eggs. The sperm and eggs were
used to make embryos and implanted into female mice, which gave birth to healthy
mouse pups. The technology could enable infertile women and men to have children
with their own DNA, rendering the biological clock irrelevant. However, the
technology raises ethical questions, including the possibility of "designer
babies" and the exploitation of women as surrogate mothers.

There oughta be a bullet time video booth
model prompt
The author of this blog post describes their creation of a bullet time video
booth for their cousin's wedding. The booth uses an array of DSLR cameras to
create the signature effect from the movie "The Matrix," where the scene appears
to be frozen in time while the camera moves around freely. The author explains
the challenges of creating the booth, including the cost of purchasing 12
cameras and the difficulty of mounting them. They also offer tips for others who
may want to create a similar project. Overall, the post provides a detailed
account of the process of creating a unique and impressive video booth.

Apps Getting Worse
model prompt
In a blog post on www.tbray.org, author Tim Bray discusses the frustrating trend
of popular consumer apps getting worse over time. He cites examples such as
iPhoto and iMovie, The Economist app, and MLB's Roku app, all of which have
become harder to use, missing features, and slower. Bray attributes this to the
desire of product managers to make bold UX innovations and use machine learning,
without considering the cost of customer retraining time. He suggests promoting
PMs who are willing to stand pat for a few releases and including realistic
customer-retraining-cost estimates in product planning. Bray emphasizes the need
to stop breaking the software people use.

Ask HN: My GPT project has become a local hit but I can't afford the bill
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An HN user created a ChatGPT clone for their city, which has become a surprise
hit with 20,000 chats coming through in one day. However, the user cannot afford
to keep hosting the app, which costs $50/day, and Adsense does not allow "chat
apps." The user is seeking advice on how to cover the costs, including
potentially raising donations or finding an advertising provider that would
cover the costs. The user does not care about profit, only keeping the app
online for people to enjoy.

Emily Wilson on Epictetus
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Java Panama Vector API Integrated with Apache Lucene
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model prompt
The author shares a personal story about a misunderstanding of the term
"requirement" during a meeting at Spyglass. He goes on to define what a
requirement is in the context of software project management and explains the
tension between a spec being a document or a database. He also discusses the
importance of well-written requirements and the common problems that arise with
bad requirements. Overall, the article provides insights into the world of
software development and project management.

What Makes a Hobbyist?
model prompt
The author questions the definition of a hobbyist in the context of the mainline
kernel, arguing that the current definition excludes those who work on an
ancient embedded kernel for a company and would never be allowed to work on the
mainline kernel. The author also shares their personal experience of working on
Squashfs as an unpaid hobbyist and facing challenges in getting their work
recognized and accepted in the kernel. Lack of time and resources, as well as
attitudes from other kernel developers, are identified as major challenges faced
by hobbyists. The author also shares a personal experience of attending LinuxCon
Europe in 2011 to get their PGP key signed and facing difficulties in
approaching people who did not know them.

Hacking Around ChatGPT’s Character Limits with the Code Interpreter
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