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Show HN: – minimalistic sliding pieces puzzle game
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Chromium's impact on root DNS traffic (2020)
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This is a blog post from the website It discusses the impact
of Chromium's omnibox feature on root DNS traffic. It explains how Chromium's
intranet redirect detector functions work, how to identify Chromium queries, and
how the amount of Chromium probe traffic has changed over time. It also reveals
that half of the DNS root server traffic is likely due to Chromium's probes,
equating to about 60 billion queries to the root server system on a typical day.

Transparent Telemetry for Open-Source Projects
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Open source cloud file system. Posix, HDFS and S3 compatible
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This is content marketing for the JuiceFS open source cloud file system. It
outlines the features of the system, such as its compatibility with POSIX, HDFS,
and S3, its ability to be used on any cloud, and its specialization in managing
tens of billions of files. There is no controversy or anything particularly
surprising or unique.

Meilisearch v1.0 – the open-source Rust alternative to Algolia and Elasticsearch
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This is a blog post announcing the launch of Meilisearch v1.0, an open-source
Rust alternative to Algolia and Elasticsearch. It provides an overview of the
features of Meilisearch, such as search-as-you-type, typo tolerance, faceted
search, geo search, and multi-tenancy. It also provides examples of how
Meilisearch has improved user experience and increased conversions for
businesses from various industries. Finally, it provides instructions on how to
get started with Meilisearch, either through Meilisearch Cloud or self-hosting.

Can sanitizers find the two bugs I wrote in C++?
model prompt
This is a blog post about using sanitizers to find two bugs written in C++.
The author wrote a short post about two bugs they wrote while developing the C++
external scanner for their TLA⁺ tree-sitter grammar. The author then suggests
building the tree-sitter grammar with the LLVM address & undefined behavior
sanitizers enabled. The author then details the build process and how they ran
the tree-sitter test. The author then details the initial cleanup of the
sanitizers and how they reproduced the two bugs. The first bug was caused by
passing a pointer into atoi(), which was fixed by
wrapping memcpy in an if-statement. The second bug was caused by calling
std::vector::pop_back() on an empty vector, which resulted in the vector
containing the entire computer address space.

The digital pound: A new form of money for households and businesses?
model prompt
This is a consultation paper from the Bank of England and HM Treasury, setting
out the case for a retail central bank digital currency (CBDC) – a so-called
‘digital pound’. The paper invites responses from the public, experts, and
organisations on the proposed model of the digital pound. It also outlines
emerging thinking on CBDC technology in a Technology Working Paper. Responses to
the consultation are invited until 7 June 2023.

Fundamental Math for Game Developers
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Linux 6.1 Officially Promoted to Being an LTS Kernel
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This is a news article from the website It reports that Linux
6.1 has been officially promoted to being an LTS kernel, meaning it will be
maintained through December 2026. It also mentions that there is a possibility
that it could be maintained for a longer six-year LTS period that would put it
through 2028. The article also provides a feature overview of Linux 6.1 and
mentions that the next (non-LTS) kernel release, Linux 6.2, is due out in a week
and a half.

America Took Out the Nord Stream Pipeline
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Reverse engineer Stable Diffusion images
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ChatGPT is a data privacy nightmare
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This is a news article discussing the privacy risks posed by the AI tool
ChatGPT. It highlights the controversy surrounding the tool's use of data
collected without consent, its lack of compliance with GDPR requirements, and
its potential to breach textual integrity and copyright protection. It also
discusses the potential for users to inadvertently share sensitive information
with the tool, and OpenAI's flimsy privacy policy. The article ends with a
warning for consumers to be careful about what information they share with AI

Play Runescape Classic Again
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This is a blog post from the website The post encourages readers to
play the classic version of the popular game Runescape. It provides a link to a
full list of news and updates related to the game. There is no controversy or
anything particularly surprising or unique about the content.

What is a CDN? How do CDNs work?
model prompt
This is a blog post written by Animesh Gaitonde which explains what a Content
Delivery Network (CDN) is and how it works. It explains how CDNs reduce the
distance between the client and the server, and how they improve website
performance, reduce bandwidth consumption costs, and improve availability. It
also provides an analogy of how a bank and its ATMs work to illustrate how CDNs

Use GPT-3 incorrectly: reduce costs 40x and increase speed by 5x
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PocketPy: Lightweight(~5000 LOC) Python interpreter for game engines
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Ask HN: I just want to have fun programming again
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Knuth-Plass Thoughts
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Google and Mozilla are working on iOS browsers that aren't based on WebKit
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Why the Austin airport situation was so dangerous
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This is a blog post written by James Fallows for his website The post discusses a close call between two planes at the
Bergstrom Airport in Austin, Texas. The post provides an animation of the
incident, as well as a detailed description of the radio transmissions between
the planes and the Austin Tower controller. The post then provides an analysis
of what went wrong and why the situation was so dangerous. It argues that this
should be seen as a warning sign, and that the safety trend analysts have been
warning of this type of scenario for years. The post ends with a call for more
attention to be paid to what is happening closer to the ground. There is no
controversy or anything particularly surprising or unique in this post.

Show HN: We built an open-source LaunchDarkly alternative for B2Bs
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Enrolla's world-class support team This is a content marketing piece for a
product called Enrolla. It is a feature flag configuration platform for B2Bs
that allows them to easily control how their product behaves and looks for
different customers. It is open source and ready to use in just a few minutes.
The product has several features, including customer-centric feature flags, a
management UI, zero latency, and pricing experimentation. It is backed by
Enrolla's world-class support team.

Why Browsers Are Essential and How Operating Systems Are Holding Them Back [pdf]
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This is a research report from the open-source Mozilla Project. It provides an
analysis of the value of browsers and how operating systems are holding them
back. It discusses how operating systems control the use of browsers and browser
engines, how online choice architecture is used to remove consumer choice and
control, and how it is used to bolster operating system browsers at the expense
of alternatives. It also provides recommendations for lawmakers, policymakers,
and regulators to ensure a level playing field for independent browsers.

Etsy is awash with illicit products and mass produced goods
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This is a news article from Business Insider about the illicit products and
mass-produced goods being sold on the online marketplace Etsy. It highlights the
controversy of Etsy's failure to monitor its online marketplace and enforce its
rules, despite the platform's "heart and soul" being handmade items. It also
highlights the abundance of prohibited items, such as weapons, dead pets,
poisonous plants, and pornography, that are readily available on the site. The
article also discusses the surge in pandemic shopping, which has brought mass-
produced products to the site, and the difficulty of enforcing Etsy's handmade

Discovery of an Exceptionally Rare Nearby and Energetic Gamma-Ray Burst
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Content Unavailable

Ask HN: Best practices for self-healing apps?
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A lightweight (~5000 LOC) Python interpreter for game engines
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The history of “typeof null” (2013)
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This is a blog post from about the history of the bug in JavaScript
where typeof null is 'object'. The post explains that in the first version of
JavaScript, values were stored in 32 bit units, which consisted of a small type
tag and the actual data of the value. There were five type tags, including
'object', 'int', 'double', 'string', and 'boolean'. The post then explains that
two values were special: undefined and null. It then goes on to explain that the
engine's code for typeof thought that null was an object because it examined its
type tag and the type tag said 'object'. The post acknowledges Tom Schuster for
pointing to the classic JavaScript source code.

Value-Oriented Programming
model prompt
This is a research article exploring the value-oriented programming paradigm.
It discusses the benefits of the paradigm in terms of safety, local reasoning,
and the act of programming. It also looks at the restrictions of the paradigm
and how it compares to other mainstream paradigms. It includes examples of code
in C++ to illustrate the concepts discussed.

The Artist Who Collaborates with Ants
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This is a news article from The New Yorker about the artist Catherine Chalmers
and her work with leaf-cutter ants. The article discusses how Chalmers noticed
the ants in the rainforest and was inspired to create art about the relationship
between humans and ants. It also discusses her four videos about ants, which
explore language, ritual, war, and art. The article also discusses Chalmers'
earlier work with cockroaches, flies, and other animals, and how her engineering
background has helped her solve the puzzles of art production.

CBMC: The C Bounded Model Checker
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Content unavailable.

An In-Depth Look at WebGPU
model prompt
This is a blog post. It provides an in-depth look at WebGPU, a modern graphics
API designed to run on the user’s graphics processing unit (GPU) directly from
the browser. It explains how to enable WebGPU on a browser, how to request an
adapter and device, and how to interact with the GPU using shaders, pipelines,
buffers, and commands. It also explains who this technology is for and why, as
well as potential applications and drawbacks. Finally, it provides examples of
how to try it out and additional information related to the subject matter.

The 28,000 year old cave paintings in Cosquer Cave (Underwater)
model prompt
This is a web article about the 28,000 year old cave paintings in Cosquer
Cave, located near Marseilles, France. It provides detailed information about
the paintings, including the species of animals represented, the number of hand
stencils, and the two main phases of the art. It also discusses the results of
the research of the cave, including the discovery of sexual symbols and rare

A pocket sized open-source AR device for the imaginative hacker
model prompt
This is a product description for a pocket-sized open-source augmented reality
(AR) device called the Brilliant Monocle. The product is designed for
"imaginative hackers" who want to explore the possibilities of AR technology.
The device features a unibody optomechanical enclosure, which is a combination
of optical and mechanical components that are designed to fit into a small form
factor. It also includes a high-resolution display, a powerful processor, and a
wide-angle camera. The product is designed to be easy to use, with a simple user
interface and intuitive controls. It is also open-source, meaning that users can
customize and modify the device to suit their needs. The product is currently
available for pre-order, with delivery expected in early 2021. This is a
product description. It does not contain any controversial content. The product
is unique in that it is a pocket-sized open-source AR device, which is designed
to be easy to use and customizable.

Jerry (YC S17) Is Hiring Sr / Staff Software Engineer (中国远程)
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The Broom Method
model prompt
This is a content marketing article from the website It
discusses the history of NASA's use of the broom method to detect hydrogen
flames and the development of hydrogen tape to detect leaks. It also mentions
the recent Artemis 1 mission and encourages readers to visit the shop to
purchase specimens from the program.

Steps towards prompt-based creation of virtual worlds
model prompt
This is a research paper submitted to It discusses the use of large
language models trained for code generation to create virtual worlds. It
presents an example of a game, Codex VR Pong, which uses generative processes to
create non-trivial interactions between 3D objects. The paper also discusses the
challenges of evaluating and benchmarking experiences created by generative
models, and the challenges of AI-assisted co-creation in VR.

Posix Compatibility Comparison: GCP Filestore, Amazon EFS, and Azure Files
model prompt
This is a technical report comparing the POSIX compatibility of GCP Filestore,
Amazon EFS, Azure Files, and JuiceFS. The report provides an overview of POSIX,
a description of the test method used, the test results, and a failure use case
analysis for each of the four file systems. It is concluded that JuiceFS
performed the best in terms of compatibility, followed by GCP Filestore, with
Amazon EFS and Azure Files having the worst compatibility.

UK CMA: Microsoft – Activision deal could harm UK gamers
model prompt
This is a news article from the UK Competition and Markets Authority (CMA)
website. The article discusses the CMA's in-depth investigation into Microsoft's
proposed acquisition of Activision, which could result in higher prices, fewer
choices, or less innovation for UK gamers. The CMA found that the deal could
make Microsoft even stronger in cloud gaming, stifling competition in this
growing market and harming UK gamers who cannot afford expensive consoles. It
could also harm UK gamers by weakening the important rivalry between Xbox and
PlayStation gaming consoles. The CMA has invited responses from interested
parties to its provisional findings by 1 March 2023 and its notice of possible
remedies, which sets out potential options for addressing its provisional
concerns, by 22 February 2023.

Meta to Ask Many Managers to Become Individual Contributors or Leave
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Content unavailable.

Historical Timeline of the Akai MPC
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Incident: Qatar B788 at Doha on Jan 10th 2023, steep descent after takeoff
model prompt
This is product documentation for a subscription service offered by The
Aviation Herald. It outlines the benefits of subscribing to the service, the
cost of the subscription, and how to sign up for an account.

Visual design rules you can safely follow every time
model prompt
This is a blog post providing visual design rules that can be safely followed
every time. It provides detailed explanations and examples of each rule.

Convex Hulls – The Metapict Blog
model prompt
This is a blog post about convex hulls. It discusses how to draw arrows,
regular polygons, Venn diagrams, and simple block diagrams using Metapict. It
also explains how to adjust the size and shape of the arrow head, as well as how
to fill the inside of circles.

Racket v8.8 Released
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This is a blog post announcing the release of Racket version 8.8. It includes a
list of contributors to the release, links to the official installers, and links
to a getting started guide and a feedback forum.

The New Madrid Seismic Zone
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This is a technical report from the United States Geological Survey (USGS)
website about the New Madrid Seismic Zone. It provides an overview of the
seismic zone, including information about the 1811-1812 earthquakes, the geology
of the region, liquefaction, archaeology, and paleoseismology. It also includes
maps, diagrams, and photographs to illustrate the content.

The Quest to Find Rectangles in a Square
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Godot Editor (Beta) Arrives to the Play Store
model prompt
This is a blog post about the Godot Editor (Beta) arriving to the Play Store.
It provides information about the features and highlights of the editor, as well
as what is next for Godot on Android. It also encourages readers to provide
feedback on the Android editor.

The Design of Postgres [pdf]
model prompt
This is a technical report from the Department of Electrical Engineering and
Computer Sciences at the University of California Berkeley. It presents the
preliminary design of a new database management system called POSTGRES, which is
the successor to the INGRES relational database system. The report outlines the
design goals of the new system, the query language, programming language
interface, system architecture, query processing strategy, and storage system.
It also discusses the need for better support for complex objects, user
extendibility for data types, operators and access methods, facilities for
active databases, and the need to take advantage of optical disks, workstations
composed of multiple tightly-coupled processors, and custom designed VLSI chips.

From AI to cephalopods, a new strain of "nature writing"
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This is an article from the website It is a feature
article discussing the emergence of a new strain of "nature writing" that looks
at intelligence beyond the human, of not just plant and animal varieties, but
artificial and technological as well. It examines two books, Ways of Being:
Beyond Human Intelligence by James Bridle and The Mountain in the Sea by Ray
Nayler, which explore the themes of intelligence beyond the human, mutual care
and connection between people and plants, and communication between humans and
other animals. The article looks at the genealogy of these books in personal, as
well as intellectual terms, and explores the idea that the capacity the human
has for language, the thing we thought made us special, is not in fact unique to
us, but actually something present across many different forms of life.

Estonian Foreign Intelligence Service's 2023 Security Report
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Why Steam Deck Is One of the Most Significant PC Gaming Moments in Years
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US DOT awards $800M toward street safety
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This is a news article from the website Smart Cities Dive. It reports on the
U.S. Department of Transportation's announcement of $800 million in awards from
the Safe Streets and Roads for All grant program’s first round. The awards will
cover 510 projects across 49 states and Puerto Rico. The article highlights the
National Association of City Transportation Officials' praise for the Biden
administration for the funding and for working with cities in designing the
program to save the most lives on city streets. It also provides examples of the
implementation grant award recipients, such as Hillsborough County, Florida,
Fayette County, Iowa, Detroit, Michigan, Charlotte, North Carolina, and San
Antonio. The article also notes that the next round of funding opportunities,
totaling $1.1 billion, is expected to be released in April.

OpenJDK mailing list: Null-safety and value types
model prompt
This is a technical report discussing the use of nullness markers to enable
flattening in the OpenJDK mailing list. It discusses the Value Objects feature,
the need for a language model to let programs opt in/out of nulls, and the
exploration of nullness markers as an alternative to '.val' and '.ref'. It also
outlines the tasks needed to deliver the feature, as well as future

Google Project Sunroof
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Dino 0.4 – Message Reactions, Replies and GTK4
model prompt
This is a blog post about Dino 0.4, a secure and open-source messaging
application. It discusses the new features of the 0.4 release, including message
reactions and replies, as well as the switch from GTK3 to GTK4 and the use of
libadwaita. It also provides information about the Ilulissat glacier in
Greenland, which is the inspiration for the release name, and the effects of
global warming on glaciers.

UK regulator deals blow to Microsoft’s $75B Activision deal
model prompt
This is product documentation, providing information about the features and
payment options of a digital subscription to the Financial Times. There is no
controversy or anything particularly surprising or unique.

Transmission v4.0
model prompt

The unknown language and letters of Hildegard von Bingen (2015)
model prompt
This is a blog post about the unknown language and letters of Hildegard von
Bingen. It provides a detailed description of the language, including its words,
alphabet, and possible influences. It also provides an interpretation of why
Hildegard might have created the language. The post includes images of the
language and alphabet.

Big Data Is Dead
model prompt
This is a blog post from that argues that the era of Big Data
is over. The author, who was a founding engineer on Google BigQuery, argues that
most people don't have that much data, and the data they do have is not
distributed equally. They also argue that the storage bias in separation of
storage and compute has led to a massive shift from on-premise to cloud, and
that workload sizes are smaller than overall data sizes. The author also
provides evidence from their own experience and from surveys to back up their
claims. They also provide a hand-drawn graph to illustrate their point.

Ask HN: To the introverts and socially avoidant, how the heck do you network?
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Honest guide to Vanlife in Japan after a year
model prompt
This is a blog post about vanlife in Japan after a year. The author provides
an honest guide to vanlife in Japan, including what type of van they use, where
they travel, where they sleep, how they deal with trash, water, electricity,
bathing, laundry, food, safety, climate, living with a child, work, and driving.
The author provides a lot of useful tips and advice for anyone considering
vanlife in Japan.

Nintendo Will Pay Its Workers 10% More
model prompt
This is a news article from about Nintendo's plans to raise its
employees' base pay by 10% this year in the wake of inflation. It also mentions
that Nintendo has reduced its profit expectation for the year, amended its
projected software and hardware sales, and re-affirmed that it does not
currently have plan to raise prices for its consoles or games. It also mentions
that Japan Prime Minister Fumio Kishida urged companies to pay more to offset
the rising cost of living. The article also mentions that in 2022, Nintendo of
America faced criticism for its treatment of contracted QA workers, and that
they settled a lawsuit with one former contractor who claimed she was fired for
asking about unionization.

Show HN: SQRL – Anti-spam rules language Twitter acquired in 2018, open-sourced
model prompt
This is a blog post about SQRL, a language designed by Smyte and acquired by
Twitter in 2018. It is a safe, stateful language for event streams, designed to
make it easy to enforce anti-abuse rules. The blog post provides a demonstration
of the language running on the Twitter 1% sampled stream, and includes some
basic example rules. It also provides a demonstration running on the Wikipedia
event stream. The blog post provides links to the website and the motivation for
the language.

A Message from Eric Yuan, CEO of Zoom
model prompt
This is a blog post from the CEO of Zoom, Eric Yuan. In the post, he announces
that the company is reducing its team by 15%, resulting in 1,300 employees being
let go. He explains the reasons for the decision and the steps they are taking
to support the departing employees. He also states that he and the executive
leadership team will be reducing their salaries and forgoing their bonuses. He
expresses his appreciation for the employees and his commitment to the company's

GitHub: Guide on how to make ChatGPT prompts and a collection of prompts to use
model prompt
This project provides a guide and framework for creating ChatGPT3 Prompts,
which are used to generate responses from a language model. It provides a step-
by-step process for designing prompts that guide the model to generate a
specific tone, style, or type of content. It also provides a collection of
prompts for web developers, technical advisors, mentors, quality assurance, code
reviewers, debugging assistants, compliance checkers, code optimization
specialists, accessibility experts, search engine optimization specialists,
performance analysts, and more. Additionally, the project provides resources
such as the OpenAI CookBook and OpenAI API for interacting with the OpenAI API.
This project is unique in that it provides a framework for creating ChatGPT3
Prompts and a collection of prompts for various roles.

Show HN: Docker rollout – Zero Downtime Deployment for Docker-compose
model prompt
This project is a Docker CLI plugin that provides zero downtime deployment for
Docker Compose services. It replaces the docker compose up -d command
with docker rollout in deployment scripts, which will scale the
service to 2 instances, wait for the new container to be ready, and then remove
the old container. It supports Docker healthchecks out of the box and works with
Docker Compose and docker-compose. It is designed to be a simpler alternative to
container orchestration tools like Kubernetes or Nomad, and is licensed under
the MIT License.

Building a legged robot in 80 days: Lessons learned, tears shed, blood spilled
model prompt
This is a blog post detailing the process of building a legged robot in 80
days. It includes diary entries from the team of five dedicated individuals who
designed, assembled, and programmed the six-legged hexapod robot from scratch.
It includes details on the design process, the parts used, and the challenges
faced. It also includes information on the European Land Robot Trial (ELROB) and
the reasons for building the robot.

NIST Selects Lightweight Cryptography Algorithms to Protect Small Devices
model prompt
This is a news article from the National Institute of Standards and Technology
(NIST) website. It discusses the selection of Ascon, a group of cryptographic
algorithms, as the lightweight cryptography standard to protect information
created and transmitted by the Internet of Things (IoT) and other miniature
technologies. It also explains the criteria used to select the algorithms and
the tasks for which they are best suited.

Run CLIP on iPhone to search photos
model prompt
This is a blog post about a product called Queryable, which integrates the CLIP
model on iOS to search the Photos album OFFLINE. It introduces the CLIP model,
how to integrate it into iOS, the performance of the product, and answers some
questions about privacy and security.

The New Bing with ChatGPT
model prompt
This is a news article about Microsoft's announcement of a new version of its
search engine Bing, powered by an upgraded version of the same AI technology
that underpins chatbot ChatGPT. The article discusses the implications of the
new product, such as the potential for AI-generated errors and the potential to
unbalance the search market. It also mentions Google's response to the
announcement, which was to unveil its own ChatGPT, named Bard. The article
concludes by noting that the tech giants are scrambling to launch products
before their rivals get there first.

Ask HN: HN for Finance?
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The Busy Beaver Challenge
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Reality Check
model prompt

Show HN: We built an open-source OAuth service for 40 APIs
model prompt
This is a blog post about an open-source OAuth service called Nango. It is
designed to provide pre-built flows, secure token storage and management for 40+
APIs. The post compares Nango to other OAuth libraries such as Passport and
NextAuth, which focus on single sign on (SSO) but do not store tokens, refresh
them, or encrypt them. The post claims that Nango is faster and more secure than
building with an OAuth library.

The technology behind GitHub’s new code search
model prompt
This is a blog post from the website It provides a detailed
explanation of the technology behind GitHub's new code search feature. It
explains the motivation for building a search engine from scratch, the concept
of an ngram index, how to index 45 million repositories, and the life of a
query. It also provides diagrams to help explain the concepts.

Show HN: We built an open-source social-media simulator for research
model prompt
This is a content marketing piece for The Misinformation Game, an open-source
social-media simulator for research. It provides an overview of the simulator, a
preprint paper, source code, an example game, example results, a getting started
guide, and documentation. It also provides a citation for the preprint paper.

Ask HN: How do you find stuff on the internet now?
model prompt

Airbnb banned her parents for being related to her
model prompt

Blender moves from Phabricator to Gitea
model prompt
This is a blog post summarizing the move from Phabricator to Gitea for Blender
development. It outlines the expected results of the move, including the
migration of bug reports and design tasks, user accounts, and new URLs for the
Git repositories. It also provides instructions for developers on how to access
the new platform, as well as information about the archiving of the website. Finally, it congratulates the migration task
force and thanks the Gitea project and the developers community.

Google's Bard displays incorrect information in its own launch ad
model prompt
Content unavailable.

Stripe increases price for business in the European Economic Area
model prompt
This is product documentation from the website It provides
details on pricing updates for businesses based in the European Economic Area
(EEA) starting 10 April 2023. It explains the changes for card processing,
disputes, and USD currency payouts, as well as providing information on how to
calculate the impact of the changes to a business. It also explains why the
notice was sent and what the user's options are.

Tor is slow – Here is what is happening
model prompt
This is a blog post from the Tor Project website. It explains why Tor is slow
right now and what the Tor Project is doing to mitigate the impacts and defend
the network from ongoing denial of service (DoS) attacks. It also thanks the Tor
Project's community for their support and encourages readers to make donations
to the Onion Support Coalition fund.

How cheap digital verniers work (2017)
model prompt
This is a technical report that provides an in-depth analysis of how cheap
digital verniers work. It includes diagrams and measurements to explain the
capacitive sensing technology used in the verniers. It also includes a
comparison of the capacitance measurement to other devices, such as an Arduino
Uno and an oscilloscope. The report also includes a discussion of the speed at
which the verniers can measure.

Vaultwarden (bitwarden fork) deployment
model prompt
Vaultwarden (bitwarden fork) deployment is a project to deploy the
open source password manager Vaultwarden (a fork of bitwarden) on
infrastructure. It provides instructions on how to create a new account on, create a new web service, and add environment variables. It also
provides a list of environment variables that can be used to configure the
Vaultwarden instance. This project is different from other projects because it
is specifically designed to deploy Vaultwarden on infrastructure, and
it provides a list of environment variables that are specific to Vaultwarden.

Floating manta ray with beating wing drive
model prompt

HP bricking printers remotely if the client's credit card expires
model prompt

All Programming Philosophies Are About State
model prompt
This is a blog post discussing the various programming philosophies and how
they are all concerned with state. The post outlines the different philosophies
and how they each approach state in different ways. It then concludes that there
is no one true way to deal with state and that each philosophy is important in
the correct domain. It also highlights the importance of minimizing state.

FlexiRaft: Flexible Quorums with Raft [pdf]
model prompt
This is a technical report titled "FlexiRaft: Flexible Quorums with Raft"
published on the website The report discusses changes made to
the original Raft algorithm to support flexible data commit quorums. The changes
were made to eliminate performance bottlenecks and support configuration
parameters which enabled developers to make the necessary tradeoffs for their
applications. The report also discusses the impact of these changes on workload
performance, fault tolerance and ease of integration into the existing
production setup. The report is published under the Creative Commons Attribution
4.0 International (CC-BY 4.0) license.

Mikalojus Konstantinas Čiurlionis: a genius cursed by fate?
model prompt
This is a blog post about the Lithuanian artist and composer Mikalojus
Konstantinas Čiurlionis. It discusses his life and work, including his
upbringing, his studies, his involvement in the Lithuanian national movement,
and his art and music. It also discusses his influence on other artists, his
relationship with Eastern philosophy and theosophy, and his legacy. It mentions
the controversy surrounding his influence on Kandinsky and the difficulties in
exhibiting his work due to its fragility and the political situation in

Actors Say They’re Being Asked to Sign Away Their Voice to AI
model prompt
This is a news article from about the impact of artificial
intelligence-generated voices on the voice acting industry. Voice actors are
increasingly being asked to sign away rights to their voices so clients can use
AI to generate synthetic versions that could eventually replace them, and
sometimes without additional compensation. The news highlights the lower barrier
of entry for anyone to synthesize the voices of others. Companies now exist that
offer to clone, generate, or synthesize someone’s voice using AI, and the cost
of these services are often very low. There is controversy over the use of AI-
generated voices, with voice actors expressing concern that their craft is being
disrespected and their ability to refuse to read certain lines is being
circumvented. The National Association of Voice Actors (NAVA) has published
advice for actors who come across such language in their contracts, and SAG-
AFTRA, an actor union in the U.S., has said that the right to simulate a
performer’s voice is a mandatory subject of bargaining.

Lightweight Cryptography Standardization Process: NIST Selects Ascon
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This is a technical report from the National Institute of Standards and
Technology (NIST) announcing their selection of the Ascon family for lightweight
cryptography applications. The report outlines the selection process, provides
congratulations to the Ascon team, and outlines NIST's next steps in the
standardization process.

A Brand New “Workflow as Code” Execution Engine
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The iWF project is a platform providing all-in-one tooling for building long-
running business applications. It provides an abstraction for persistence
(database, elasticSearch) and more, with a clean, simple, and easy to use
interface. It is a simple and powerful WorkflowAsCode general purpose workflow
engine, backed by Cadence/Temporal as an interpreter, preserving the same power
of Cadence/Temporal (including scalability/reliability). It provides a REST API
service for user applications to interact with their workflow executions, such
as starting, stopping, signaling, getting results, etc. It also provides an
abstraction for persistence, with DataObjects, SearchAttributes, and
StateLocals. It also provides a workflow design diagram for visualization. It is
different from other workflow engines in that it is highly testable and easy to
maintain, and provides a comprehensive tooling for highly flexible/customizable
business logic.

Sustaining Tor Snowflake bridge operations
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This is a blog post from the Tor Project website. It provides an update on the
Snowflake bridge operations and the need to raise funds to pay for server
operating expenses. It details the increase in Snowflake users due to censorship
events, the need to invest in powerful server hardware, and the intense
performance and optimization work that was necessary to handle the increased
load. It also mentions the TLS fingerprint issue that caused a drop in Snowflake
traffic from Iran and the likelihood of additional blocking in Russia.

Ask HN: Did Twitter increase character limit?
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My parents just got banned from Airbnb for being related to me
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Why do we create modern Desktop GUI apps using HTML/CSS/JavaScript?
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This is a blog post written by Gerry Sweeney on his website
In the post, Gerry discusses why modern desktop GUI apps are created using
HTML/CSS/JavaScript. He explains that the rise of HTML/CSS for UI development is
not a fad, and that it is used for a variety of applications. He then goes on to
discuss the pros and cons of using HTML/CSS for UI development, including the
complexity of the codebase and the obsolescence of frameworks. He also discusses
the drawbacks of developing native desktop apps for Windows and OSX, and
suggests that an open working group with the influence of the W3C should create
a mandatory web standard for browsers to simplify the creation of desktop
applications. The content is published under the Attribution-Noncommercial-Share
Alike 3.0 Unported license.

Regular Expression Matching with a Trigram Index
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This is a technical report written by Russ Cox for It provides an
overview of how Google Code Search worked, including how it used a trigram index
to support regular expression searches. It also discusses the implementation of
the regular expression engine, RE2, and how it was open sourced in 2010. The
report concludes with a discussion of how Code Search was shut down in 2011.

OpenAI-to-SQLite by Simonw
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They say that stocks go down during the day and up at night
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