Provide a summary of the following github project readme file, including the purpose of the project, what problems it may be used to solve, and anything the author mentions that differentiates this project from others:Title: HelloSystem – OS with original Mac philosophy with a modern architecture Site: hello Please see for documentation. This repository is where developers and interested advanced users brainstorm on helloSystem. If you are looking for documentation, Live ISO downloads, and other practical information, look at Screenshot What? A desktop system for creators that focuses on simplicity, elegance, and usability. Following the published Human Interface Guidelines, and First Principles of Interaction Design liberally re-interpreted for today. Based on FreeBSD. For mere mortals. Welcoming to switchers from macOS. Not just a theme. Not a clone of anything, but something with which the long-time Mac user should feel instantly comfortable. The latest technologies, without the complexities of Linux distributions. Without lockdown. Without Big Brother. The user in full control. Less, but better! Why? Because we used to like the Mac, since 1984. But it's increasingly getting... difficult: Because according to Edward Snowden, Apple Just Declared War on Your Privacy (all the while talking about "privacy", "security", "trusted") Because Apple has become Big Brother with considering Client-Side Scanning, distrusting its users and treating them like potential criminals, searching through users' data Because Apple runs services like mediaanalysisd on macOS which phone home to Apple, doing whatever. Who knows for sure? Because Apple thinks that "Sideloading is a cyber criminal’s best friend" - and wants to be the gatekeeper for everything that runs on your device Because App Stores allow governments to prevent certain applications from being used Because we want "Personal Digital Sovereignty", in other words: be in full control over what our devices are doing Because Apple has become "anti-hacking" Because we want to run apps from "unidentified developers" that need no blessing by the operating system vendor and no workarounds like (Note: Maybe sudo spctl --master-disable does the trick if you are root on the machine, which means no luck on "managed" devices) Gatekeeper ("It forced Mac developers, who had previously been legally free, to sign a strict contract." Source) (Note: Maybe sudo spctl --master-disable does the trick if you are root on the machine, which means no luck on "managed" devices) @antranigv on macOS to FreeBSD migration a.k.a why I left macOS (Medium article written by me) ("It has become very user-hostile.") Because what used to be simple is becoming increasingly difficult. Example: Install a kernel extension - probably the process doesn't even work on "managed" devices where some central IT department thinks it knows best which kexts the users "need". Lock in and lock down (If the soldered-in SSD fails, you cannot boot from external bootable media, because "security") Because we want all software to be "sideloaded" rather than coming from monopolistic stores Because we disagree with phone-home, tracking, activation. Apparently it is not necesseary to activate Macs. Has the NSA ordered this "feature" so that they can track people even better? Because Apple is spying on you. Yes. Despite all the talk about "privacy" there is the DSID Because used Apple devices have to be thrown away if they are "FMIP locked" (which regularly happens with previously company-owned devices) Because all the locks and shackles Apple is putting on their devices is filling nothing but the landfills and their pockets Because Apple user interfaces are becoming less and less Mac-like (as measured by the original Human Interface Guidelines). Example: The Tragedy of Safari 15 for Mac’s ‘Tabs’ Because Mac OS X has been deteriorating ever since the "Back to the Mac" event in 2010, becoming less like the Mac and more like iOS Because the user experience has been getting worse and worse, and here is why Because Apple is watering the desktop down with inferior mobile UX and hybrid apps ("Catalyst") that don't behave like real mouse-centric ("AppKit") desktop apps Louis Rossmann: A reminder of how computing used to be Lock-down: Irrepairable, non-upgradeable hardware: Less and less Mac-like desktop user experience: Riccardo Mori: The reshaped Mac experience Riccardo Mori: A retrospective look at Mac OS X Snow Leopard Riccardo Mori: A retrospective look at Mac OS X Snow Leopard - Addendum How? Just follow Bruce Tognazzini's First Principles of Interaction Design Contributing This project lives from your involvement. Please see We need help with issues flagged with help-wanted – maybe you'd like to look into issues flagged with good-first-issue. Other contributions are, of course, welcome. Links helloSystem Documentation High-level architecture Brainstorming Welcome and unwelcome technologies Make. It. Simple. Linux Desktop Usability – parts 1–6 – user experience (UX) discussion on Reddit (January 2020, archived)