Provide a summary of the following github project readme file, including the purpose of the project, what problems it may be used to solve, and anything the author mentions that differentiates this project from others:Title: Show HN: Open-source support bot for Discord Site: 🦾 Buff Buff is a simple bot that indexes support docs and answers questions in Discord. Recorded demo Features Index and search through a large number of documents with Faiss Monitors Discord channels for !help requests and responds to them, using LangChain to construct the prompt Cites its sources, linking to the relevant source documents Upcoming Chunking sources to support larger documents Integrations with Zendesk and other helpdesk software Hosted version To get on the hosted version, contact us on Discord or sign up here. Self-hosted To get started on the self-hosted version, create a Discord bot and give it the necessary permissions to read message content and post messages. Swap out the placeholders in server/discord/ with your OpenAI API Key and your Discord Bot Token. Then just run server/discord/ from your server with nohup or systemd to keep the script running.