Provide a summary of the following github project readme file, including the purpose of the project, what problems it may be used to solve, and anything the author mentions that differentiates this project from others:Title: FVWM3 Site: FVWM3 Welcome to fvwm. Version 3 is a multiple large virtual desktop window manager. The successor to fvwm-2.6.x. Fvwm3 is intended to be extremely customizable and extendible while consuming a relatively small amount of resources. An existing version 2 configuration currently works, but over time this will change. Releases / Changelog See the CHANGELOG Installation See the installation instructions Help & Support We have a strong community on IRC (, in the #fvwm channel if you fancy a chat. There is also the Fvwm Forums where you can ask questions. Issues (for bugs) can be opened, and any/all bug reports are appreciated! Development Those interested in contributing to FVWM3 should have a read of the developer documentation. A TODO file exists, and sometimes even things from it are worked on. New commands and config file syntax thoughts are being documented here. Please open a github issue or contact me directly if you wish to discuss a particular feature of issue you need help with.