Provide a detailed summary of the following web content, including what type of content it is (e.g. news article, essay, technical report, blog post, product documentation, content marketing, etc). If the content looks like an error message, respond 'content unavailable'. If there is anything controversial please highlight the controversy. If there is something surprising, unique, or clever, please highlight that as well: Title: Open source cloud file system. Posix, HDFS and S3 compatible Site: Why JuiceFS JuiceFS is designed to bring back the gold-old memories and experience of file systems in local disks to the cloud. Familiar tool chain and easier data access JuiceFS is POSIX compliant and is fully compatible with HDFS and S3. Cloud app building or migrating, file sharing cross-geo and cross-cloud has become easier than ever before. Designed for the cloud multi-cloud and cross-cloud Whether it's public cloud, private cloud, or hybrid cloud, JuiceFS is available on any cloud of your choice and delivers the flexibility, availability, scalability and strong consistency for your data intensive applications. Tens of billions of files management made easier Purposely built to serve big data scenarios such as self-driving model training, recommendation engine, Next-generation Gene Sequencing, JuiceFS specializes in high performance and easier management of tens of billion of files management.