Please provide a short (approximately 100 word) summary of the following web Content, written in the voice of the original author. If there is anything controversial please highlight the controversy. If there is something surprising, unique, or clever, please highlight that as well. Content: Title: Oppo has pulled their factory off turkey Site: The factory opened by the Chinese phone manufacturer OPPO in Tuzla 2 years ago with the investment incentive by the Ministry of Industry and Technology was closed quietly. The company decided to open its factory in Egypt. Dünya newspaper columnist Kerem Ülker wrote in his article today that the Chinese phone manufacturer OPPO has closed the factory it opened in Tuzla. Ülker added that the company decided to open its factory in Egypt. Kerem Ülker said in his article: You may remember the news about the Chinese OPPO, one of the world’s largest mobile phone manufacturers. In 2020, it opened a facility of 12 thousand square meters in Tuzla. This facility in Turkey was also OPPO’s 10th factory in the world. Supported by the Ministry of Industry and Technology with investment incentives, the installation works at OPPO’s production facility started as of November. Industry and Technology Minister Mustafa Varank had followed this process of the factory, which came to Turkey with a quick decision and created a significant number of new employment during the trial production phase. Oppo, who laid off 500 people in the Tuzla factory, made a statement! See more Stating that the factory, which started test production, counts the days for the official opening ceremony, Varank said, “OPPO’s facilities in Tuzla are the first factory among global mobile phone brands where all systems, including the main board, are produced in Turkey with the CKD system (combining the parts on the main board at the factory). . It is expected that approximately 1000 people will be employed with the transition to full capacity production at the factory. The production at this facility, established by OPPO with an investment of 50 million dollars, did not go as expected. In 2022, OPPO laid off about 500 workers at the factory on the grounds of the global crisis. Corn factory will cost $20 million The dismissed workers started to protest in front of the factory, protesting the massacre of workers. Afterwards, it was stated that OPPO’s production in Turkey was quietly terminated. I must say that OPPO, which started its production in Turkey rapidly and quickly abandoned this decision, is now a new favorite. This country is Egypt… According to the information I have obtained, the Prime Minister of Egypt has also met with Hossam Heiba, CEO of the General Authority for Investment and Free Zones (GAFI), about this issue. He states that he wants to establish it and that it is understood on this issue. The Chinese company will establish the facility to be built in Egypt with an investment of 20 million dollars. 650 people will work in this facility. AKP’S MUSTAFA VARANK ANNOUNCED ON SOCIAL MEDIA In 2021, AKP Industry and Technology Minister Mustafa Varank announced the opening of the factory, “The interest of global brands in our country is increasing day by day.” he announced. Oppo opens its factory in Turkey See more Varank said in his statements: The interest of global brands in our country is increasing day by day. Smartphone manufacturer OPPO started trial production in its factory in Turkey, which it established with the CKD system. Welcome! @OPPOmobileTR