Please provide a short (approximately 100 word) summary of the following web Content, written in the voice of the original author. If there is anything controversial please highlight the controversy. If there is something surprising, unique, or clever, please highlight that as well. Content: Title: Paper Airplane Designs: A database of paper airplanes Site: The Best Paper Airplane If you are going to challenge your friend, or just want to see how far you can throw your paper airplane, you probably want to know which design is the best. After all, there are more than 50 paper airplane designs on this website, and they can't all be the best, right? Something to keep in mind is that the best paper airplane for distance and the best paper airplane for doing aerial tricks are two totally different paper planes! We wrote an entire article about the best paper airplanes for every situation , so head over there to check it out. But, if you want the quick answer keep reading. The Bird Furthest Flying Paper Airplane The paper airplane that reliably flies the furthest, in our testing, is The Bird . This design can glide a long ways, and it's pretty quick and easy to fold too. With the wind at your back, throw this paper plane as hard as you can, at a 45° angle. This will be the best way to send it soaring through the sky. If your plane doesn't go in a straight line, you can make small bends to the tips of the wings. Read our article on steering your paper airplanes to become an expert. Don't like "The Bird"? Try out the Stealth Glider or the Sonic Jet . And you can never go wrong with the Basic Dart . It's a classic! Paper Airplane Party Games & Activities Now that you know which paper airplane is the best, it's time to grab a friend and challenge them to a paper airplane throwing contest! The most common type of contest is to see who can throw it the furthest , but you can also use a stopwatch to see who's paper airplane stays aloft the longest. Or, go for accuracy and see who can throw their paper plane through a hoop, or closest to a target. Just want to show off your artistic side? Grab some art supplies and decorate your paper airplanes in interesting ways. Once you are finished, you can thread them on a string and hang them across the room. This is a fun room decoration that can show off your favorite designs. How about a puzzle? We have created a bunch of tricky airplane themed puzzles that will really boggle your brain. Try a crossword puzzle, a wordsearch or some of our other unique creations. We have easy puzzles and hard puzzles, so there will be something for all ages to try. Interested in more activities? Check out our article on paper airplane party games for more inspiration. You can have a relay race, play pin-the-tail-on-the-airplane, or pop some balloons! There are so many ways to have fun with paper airplanes. Happy Flying! We hope that you take advantage of National Paper Airplane day and get outdoors to enjoy some fresh air with a friend. Take your favorite paper airplane and have some fun! Get creative and invent a new paper airplane design, or decorate your aircraft. If you feel like sharing your creations on social media, please tag your photo with #foldnfly so that we can check it out.